DEFI New Finance: New HS Network Coming Out

Digital currency is the product of block chain technology. Block chain (Blockchain) refers to the technical scheme of maintaining a reliable database collectively through decentralization and distrust. From the perspective of financial accounting, block chain can be regarded as a highly trusted network electronic account book with full node participation. With the deep application of block chain technology, the value of digital currency in the future will become increasingly prominent.

HS Network is a block chain DEFI Token trading platform based on Ethernet technology. Built by the Global Ecological Foundation, the team is composed of senior people from the financial securities industry and top Internet companies, combining many years of technical and operational experience in traditional financial trading systems and top block chain Token trading platforms. Committed to reconstructing the existing digital asset trading ecosystem.



With the help of Ethernet technology, the HS trading platform has the business, technical and regulatory capabilities at the traditional financial business level, which can safely and credibly serve the trading users Token the block chain. BHex also serves partners through innovative virtual brokerage models, carries out coin and French currency trading in global compliance areas, and will continue to introduce innovative financial derivatives to meet the needs of different users.

HS build a three-dimensional ecosystem covering entity, payment, trading, financial management, investment, pan-entertainment and so on, adhering to the global blockchain intelligent financial innovation concept, promoting the prosperity of the blockchain industry.

At the same time, HS trading platform itself does not store any user assets, mainly to achieve digital currency spot, contracts, large over-the-counter transactions and other asset trading business. Through the decentralization of HS Network custody and liquidation, assets completely avoid the exchange running, accounting inaccuracy, false increase of assets, no asset leverage, directional blasting and other issues of concern to trading participants, HS through technical proof rather than time to accumulate credit to solve the trust problem has been widely agreed.


HS through the DEFI network structure, the decentralization trust mechanism, the excellent product logic and the ecological consensus mechanism design, conforms to the ⼈ and the economics law ecological incentive mechanism economic model, HS can let the decentralization autonomous economy ecology body detonate in a short time. Early participation in each role in ecological construction can be encouraged by tokens.

At present, the HS platform has been in the public chain development stage, has begun to pre-sell mining machines, is about to open a new round of mining, HS platform mining machine can bring us what kind of surprise? Global users are looking forward to, HS are about to give the answer. 4.2 A. m. subscription officially ended, the global market started simultaneously, please look forward to.

Today, HS Network strong debut will certainly bring us a different surprise, whether from the market demand, application or investment and block chain technology, strong technical team support, HS Network bring us an innovative model, Must promote the digital asset trading market standardization and standardization