An AMA about KList



Moderator:Today, we are honored to have KList Sponsor Adam Durst at the KList TG group, and give us a detailed introduction to KList’s strengths and future development plans. Now let’s welcome Adam.


Adam:Thanks to the moderator and thanks to our KList friends. We can start now.


Moderator:Please tell us briefly what KList is used for?


Adam:Klist is a cross-chain super IDO protocol built for decentralization.


KList will first be deployed on the OKexChain, and then we will deploy a cross-chain IDO platform that supports multiple chains on Ethereum Chain, Polkadot Chain and Binance Smart Chain etc.via cross-chain pools and cross-chain bridges, with diversified IDO offering methods. It is committed to being a consensus bridge between startup projects and community users,And aims to provide project parties with the most convenient and best pricing mechanism at the lowest cost for project offerings.


Meanwhile, to punish fraudulent project offerings, KList has established measures of earnest money and project due diligence, so as to protect investors’ interests to the utmost extent.


KList is initiated in Silicon Valley by global developers distributed in offices worldwide.Base in Silicon Valley, Seoul and Hong Kong.


Moderator:Why is KList doing IDO and how is this market?


Adam:Over the past few years, initial offerings of blockchain project tokens have gone through many iterations.

From the early ICO based on smart contract transfer, to the first launches by exchanges and compliance platforms like Coinlist since then.The threshold and costs are getting higher and higher, causing many blockchain projects to fail to raise funds.


Thanks to the optimization of the DeFi infrastructure, DeFi users have increased massively, with more and more projects choosing the IDO approach for fundraising.This is true for well-known tokens such as CERE, API3, and PREP, which is one of the reasons why KList built the IDO platform.


Currently, relatively famous IDO platforms include Uniswap, Balancer, Polkastarter, Bounce, Mesa, DODO, etc., but they can’t meet the needs of the market.In the recent week, at least 13 projects including Refinable, Chainswap, Clover , StackOs, Equilibrium EQ Utility and 1MillionNFTs will witness IDO.


As a super IDO platform, KList supports cross-chain, multi-chain, diversified offering methods and ecosystem layout, which can meet the market-oriented demands to a certain extent, so it enjoys huge market potential.


Moderator:Why has KList chosen to run on the OKEXChain network in the first place, instead of Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, DOT, etc.?


Adam:KList is a high performance IDO protocol,The Ethereum network is ruled out due to its high GAS and transfer speed.KList wants more other on-chain assets to participate in IDO. OKEXChain has introduced EVM virtual machine technology and OKEx cross-chain gateway, which is compatible with Cosmos’ IBC cross-chain solution. And our community has a very good relationship and cooperation with Okex.


That’s why KList first chose to run on the OKExChain network to enable the transfer of value between public chains.The deployment on other chains will also be completed soon. OKexChain testnet in early May, ETH & BSC by the end of May, and we are waiting for the main network launch of the Dot chain.


Moderator:What are the offerings of IDO on KList platform?


Adam:KList is committed to catering to diverse IDO methods


V1 will enable Fixed SWAP pool offering, namely offerings at a fixed initial price, including the PUBLIC Pool (for all users) and the PRIVATE Pool (PRE WHITELIST verification system).V2 will enable liquid SWAP pool offering.Inspired by the SUSHI MISO model, KList V3 will contribute to a combinable MISO offering.


While the white paper has a timeline for V1, V2, and V3, chances are that it will be advanced earlier.

KList has a great technical team.


Moderator:How does KList protect the interests of its users?


Adam:The vision of KList is to build a bridge of value for quality discovery between superior projects and investors, and has a strict verification process and rules for each project that goes IDO on KList:


Comprehensive due diligence

Contract audit must be provided

Complete project information (white paper and documents) must be provided

On-chain earnest money system

Visualized process, on-chain query


KList has professional and strict scrutiny of projects, yet is very friendly to quality projects that have already met the criteria. These quality IDO projects can access the KList ecosystem and share its ecological advantages.


Moderator:What other ecosystems does KList have?


AdamThe core product of KList is IDO DAPP.KList also offers token storage and trading functions for project parties and investors.In order to make IDO retained assets more valuable, KList will develop more IDO ecosystems, including multi-chain IDO, storage and pledge, liquidity mining and trading, etc.


Moderator:What are the advantages of KList compared with other IDO platforms?


AdamKList has integrated the offering methods of existing IDO platforms and made some improvements.


It offers a diverse range of IDO methods: fixed SWAP pools including the PUBLIC pool (for all investors) and the PRIVATE pool (PRE WHITELIST verification system); liquid SWAP pools (Dutch-style auctions); and combinable MISO (enabling an optimal market price based on various rules)


Earnest money system: KList’s unique earnest money system is the first in the world. On KList, investors have more choices and voting rights, which also protects the interests of investors to the utmost extent.


Professional audit: Few IDO platforms conduct audits of projects, which is not friendly to investors. KList has a strict audit of projects, and the projects that can be examined on KList are among the highest quality projects.


Moderator:What do you think of KList?


AdamI think KList is a fantastic platform.


For cryptocurrency lovers like us, the creation of DEFI itself is something we’ve been hoping for, and it’s bringing the blockchain down to reality.


KList is a service provider in the blockchain world. Service providers are the most profitable in any industry, so I think that KList enjoys huge potential.


I will always support KList.