Following the trend of the world Top Player is coming soon

Top Player is a digital economy jointly created by Doosan & In-fracore, which integrates many merchants around the world to realize a chain business complex ecosystem. TopPlayer is scheduled to run at the end of March 2022, and its token CCC will also be launched simultaneously.

In 2020, DooSan announced its entry into the blockchain industry and began to conduct research in the blockchain industry.
In October 2021, DooSan began to deploy the metaverse industry and digitally upgrade the existing industry.

The total circulation of CCC is 355,345 pieces. By applying the circulation deflation mechanism, the final constant flow is 50,000 pieces. CCC plans to launch PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap is a liquidity protocol running on the BSC smart ecological chain, that is, a set of contracts deployed to the BSC network, and all transactions are carried out on the chain.

Top Player aims to create a large-scale metaverse social ecosystem, mainly with chain business as the ecological core, and empowers the real economy through the circulation of its ecological token CCC in the virtual world.

Diversification and intelligence are a major feature of super chain merchants. CCC integrates chain merchant shops and high-speed traffic to drive CCC circulation to provide consumers with a safe and high-quality product supply system, use the fun of NFT competitive racing games to build a stable community, and promote the value circulation of tokens.

Top Player will provide SDKs and APIs to help all chain merchants build their own specific applications according to their own needs.

The chain business API port is expected to be opened in June 2022, when CCC will be applied to various life scenarios.
We will construct the chain business value system and truly realize the metaverse in the future. All this is full of imagination and value.