HOKK Cup – LBank Arena of Valor Competition

[Arena of Valor] The glorious horn blares in this hot July, waiting for the brave warriors to answer its call!


No battle, no youth! Hosted by LBank and title sponsored by Hokkaidu Inu (HOKK Finance), the first HOKK Cup – LBank Arena of Valor Competition is about to start fighting with warmly sponsorship supporting from DeFi STOA, Gorilla Diamond,  Kaka NFT World,DFG,CDI,Basics Capital and LBank loud. This highly anticipated competition has also attracted lots of strategic media partners like Golden Finance, ChainNews, ODaily Vernacular Blockchain, Deep Chain Finance, Chain to Finance, and Ostrich Blockchain, etc.

HOKK Cup - LBank Arena of Valor Competition

In this hot July, LBank is to ignite the enthusiasm of the game fans both inside and outside of the crypto world, gathering and fighting for the glory.


It is reported that the competition has been fully supported by almost 200 communities and 100 media both in China and overseas. After strict battles of qualifying games, playoffs and finals, the champion, second place, runner-up and MVP will be finally elected and will share a total rewards of more than 10 ETH ($20,000).


Aganist all the warriors and heroes, fight your way out to be the King! The horn is sounding for warriors to come and fight!


Join by:https://www.wjx.top/vj/wyKjV11.aspx